World Cup second ticket sales phase open
With the group stage matches now defined, ticket sales for the 2014 FIFA World Cup will reopen at 12:00 CET/09:00 Brasilia time on Sunday 8 December 2013. Applications can be made on the FIFA ticketing website until 12:00 CET on 30 January 2014. For almost two months, fans will have the chance to apply for tickets for 62 out of the 64 matches (the exceptions are the opening game in São Paulo and the final in Rio de Janeiro).

As for the first sales period, in the case where there are more requests than the total number of seats available, a random selection draw will define those who will purchase the tickets. As such, there is no need to rush, as all applicants will have the same chance whether they apply this Sunday or late January.

At the same time, the participating team (PMA) ticket sales will commence. For every match, 16% of the tickets will be reserved for fans from both teams (8% per team per match). This includes tickets for all matches including tickets for Brazilian and Croatian fans for the Opening Match on 12 June 2014 at Arena Corinthians in Sao Paulo.

Only residents of the country or nationals from the respective teams playing, no matter where they reside, can apply for PMA tickets. In this quota, only tickets from categories 1-3 are available. Again fans have plenty of time to apply during this phase which will end on 7 February 2014 as these tickets will also be subject to random selection draw. These PMA tickets will be sold via a special link accessible either from or from the respective team page in the FIFA World Cup section on It is important to note that each PMA can decide to only allow their fan club members to get access to these specific supporter tickets. This will be the case for England, for example.

Furthermore, fans are reminded that at the time of purchase they can choose whether they prefer to personally collect their tickets or to receive them via a payable delivery service. For more details please visit the FIFA ticketing website. It is important to mention that fans who purchased tickets in the first random selection sales phase and are interested in getting their tickets conveniently delivered to their homes need to order this service at before 30 January 2014.

Following the draw, the kick-off times for all matches have been reconfirmed, please click here for the final match schedule.

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